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Universidad para la Cooperación Internacional

The University for International Cooperation (UCI: Universidad para la Cooperación Internacional)

UCI is a worldwide recognized university that offers academic programs that promote regenerative and evolutionary development, in a complex, diverse and changing world, through innovative methodologies that promote multiculturalism.

Educational Innovation:
UCI’s educational model transforms the process of teaching, learning and training. Its online methodology is characterized by being flexible and accessible, since it allows people to become better organized, according to their needs and possibilities.

Global vision:
UCI’s Institutional Philosophy seeks to recover planetary health and ensure better quality of life and global welfare.

Experience and International Recognition:
UCI is supported by accreditations and recognitions for its great contributions and international commitment. It has programs offered by a highly qualified and experienced faculty.


We create innovative opportunities in education, research and cooperation for the development of societies based on universal ethics.


UCI will be an international leader in promoting knowledge in regenerative development.

Recent awards

UCI was designated as “2016 Partner of the Year” by GPM Global (Green Project Management) in December, 2016.

UCI also obtained the Blue Flag Award on Climate Change, in May, 2015. This award is an acknowledgement from the Blue Flag program, which promotes integrated environmental management in public, private and civil society to minimize and compensate the environmental impacts of organizations’ activities.

History of our institution

The Universidad para la Cooperación Internacional (UCI, for its acronym in Spanish, is the University for International Cooperation) is a private institution, accredited in Costa Rica by the National Council of Private Higher Education (CONESUP in Spanish) since May 24th, 1994. UCI was born as an answer to the need for having professionals with interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary training, owners of knowledge, tools and values to lead the required change processes under the concepts of sustainability and globalization.

UCI is a consortium of academic institutions, which helps to improve extension and research, as well as the entailment of the people interested in being part of the programs offered. This consortium is formed by our campus in San José, Costa Rica, and an office located at Panama City, since 2008.

UCI is a Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Global Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) since 2001, sharing with PMI the idea that Project Management is a critical competency that has a positive influence on our society and on organizational results. UCI has also an alliance with Green Project Management (GPM Global), which is a global movement of project management experts who help companies become more profitable, and societies more robust, while protecting the natural environment. Additionally, UCI is allied with Personal Strengths Publishing in its purpose of strengthening human relationships by enabling individuals and teams to deploy their strengths more productively.

Major strengths of the University

  • It is a knowledge management and innovation center that seeks to fill gaps that traditional education institutions and models have neglected or have not specifically addressed.
  • It is innovative, flexible and synergistic in both creation and modification of academic products.
  • It has an international character that is reflected in its vocation to serve the world as an institution of higher education; condition that has allowed it to join important global forums related to the knowledge areas it manages.
  • As a strategic priority, it has adopted the promotion of educational models that facilitate the access of all types of professionals, adapting the models to their time availability, geographic location and technological accessibility.
  • It permanently creates synergies and working partnerships, from its headquarters and representative offices, with academic and research peers, national cooperation, local and civil society organisms, and productive sectors.
  • The availability of most of its Masters’ programs in online modality, using the Internet to teach and share knowledge to national and international students, has positioned the University as a leader in online graduate program education.
  • It has been a PMI’s Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) for over 15 years, and is currently at the Global Provider level. Also, the quality of its Master’s program in Project Management has been accredited by PMI’s Global Accreditation Center (GAC) since 2009, with a renewal for continuation of this prestigious accreditation in 2017.
  • UCI is a provider of educational, research and consulting services for several national or local Latin American governments, as well as for multilateral and bilateral cooperation organisms, such as the GIZ (German Cooperation Agency), IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), UNDP (United Nations Development Program) and the IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies).
  • It promotes regenerative development as a way to improve everyday’s activities of the University’s staff, as well as of students and teachers of all Master’s programs.

Academic Offer

Institutional strategic perspective, vision and mission statements

UCI is an institution that was born more than 20 years ago, with the aim of providing higher education and professional training of the highest quality. As part of its global vision and commitment to sustainability, the organization has projects and strategic alliances for regional cooperation, a laboratory for virtual production and excellent faculty members.

UCI has been accredited in Costa Rica, as a private university, by the National Council of Superior Private University Education (CONESUP), on session 238-94 of April 21, 1994. In Mexico, it has been endorsed by the Mexican Secretariat of Public Education (SEP), with Official Recognition of Studies (RVOE), through accordance 201247MA.

The strategic objectives resulting from these statements are aligned with:

  • The reaffirmation of the international character of the UCI and its academic programs.
  • The continued development of cooperation projects and links for development, with actors from civil society, NGOs, governments and other universities.
  • The emphasis on the development of virtual programs and models for the creation of competencies, including soft skills, in its students, and beyond a mere transmission of knowledge.
  • The commitment to regenerative development as the only way to promote a better environment for future generations and improve the conditions of the present ones.
  • The impulse to micro, mini and medium entrepreneurs and businesses as a means to build capacities and take advantage of the initiatives of the population and its desire for social, economic and cultural improvement.