Estudiantes de UCI nombrados como directores de la GPM Global para America Latina

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Estudiantes de UCI nombrados como directores de la GPM Global para America Latina

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GPM Latin America appoints three new deputy directors: Tania Guevara for El Salvador, Lucía B. de Hurtado for Guatemala and Blas Ramos for Panamá

8/10/2015 Detroit, Buenos Aires, San Salvador, Guatemala, El Dorado | Tania Guevara, Lucía B. de Hurtado and Blas Ramos, the outstanding students in close proximity to graduate from UCI’s Global School of Project Management with Masters Degrees have been named as Deputy Directors for Latin America with a focus on El Salvador, Guatemala and Panamá.

Latin American Executive Director Monica Gonzalez stated that “With these new nominations highlights the exceptionable academic level of the UCI´s Global School of Project Management and the outstanding graduate students, who envision the tremendous impact that a widespread adoption of GPM’s PRiSM Methodology, P5 Standard and PSM3 Model in their respective countries will have. Their appointments also underscore our commitment to supporting the next generation of leadership in project management.”

Tania Guevara stated “Knowing the organization of Green Project Management has been to discover a methodology that provides tools and knowledge for the development of enterprises in a sustainable way, and an opportunity to lead and be protagonist of that contribution to our Latin American countries. It is my honor to receive this assignment asDeputy DirectorforEl Salvador and be part of the GPM Global Team which seeks to improve our world through sustainability and project management.

Corporate Social Responsibility in El Salvador is currently having significant growth and that is why GPM can drive further this initiative andpreparing professionals to become agents of change through strategic partnerships with institutions of higher education and specialized training,using sustainable methods that benefit our environment, society and the companies.

The PRISM method and certifications that GPM offers are the result of an exhaustive work in favor of sustainability and proper management ofprojects whose results are exceptional for our communities and the world. Achieving an optimal use of resources, efficiency and expected profitability without affecting the environment in which organizations develop.

Our mission is to help conserve our environment, improve the quality of life of its inhabitants through sustainable development. Thank you again for this opportunity and to give my best to this cause.

Lucía B. Hurtado stated “For me it is an honor to join the team of GPM Global and have the opportunity to represent Latin America GPM in Guatemala through the beautiful task of working to make each day a more sustainable world. For me, sustainable development is a necessity, not an option; it is a matter of survival for the future.

My country has benefited from a huge not only biological but also cultural diversity. Guatemala in only 109,000 square kilometers is considered a mega-diverse country, has 14 life zones according to Holdridge system, with altitudes ranging from 0 to 4211 meters above sea level.

Due to its geographical position in the central part of the Mesoamerican region, it is a migratory species pass on their way from North to South America and vice versa; 20% of the country’s avifauna consists of migratory species. Additionally in Guatemala more than 13% of species of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and plants are endemic that is specific to the site.

As for its cultural wealth, the country was the cradle of the Maya civilization, so there is a lot of archaeological sites and cultural monument. In the country live 24 different ethnic groups with their own customs and traditions; 21 of which are indigenous.

Despite all that wealth 51% of the population suffers from poverty and from it 15.3% of extreme poverty, especially in rural and indigenous areas, which among other things creates a great pressure on natural resources. Additionally Guatemala is within countries that are more vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

So the opportunity to help improve the way projects are managed and introduce strategic, and targeted approaches to sustainability, such as the PRISM methodology, I’m sure that it will improve current working practices allowing sensitize stakeholders, generate greater awareness of the economic, environmental and social impacts that the processes and products of the projects, and to build a more sustainable Guatemala.

Blas Ramos stated I feel very proud and excited of being part of the GPM Latin America team and GPM Global whose professionals located all around the world are working to encourage the application of sustainable development methods and the corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the project management discipline aligned with documents, standards and principles of global significance.

It is an enriching experience to work from Panama to endorse this cause with focus in sustainability oriented to corporations that are really becoming aware about the relevance of this theme and increasingly worrying about sustainable practices in their businesses. In fact, this relevance is demonstrated by all the initiatives that are already being undertaken by the companies at this beautiful and thriving country in the field of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. I hope to have the opportunity to work with these Panamanian and multinational organizations through PSM3 assessments to help them identify their current strengths and potential areas to improve sustainability integration into their projects in order to increase the benefits from organizational change delivery.

Besides, it is a great opportunity and a rewarding challenge to have the support of GPM Latin America to spread practices and methods that promote sustainability through university programs oriented to attend the current needs of students and helping to create awareness about this topic among current and future leaders of Panama and the Latin America region.

About GPM

Formed in 2009, GPM® is a global professional development organization dedicated to the advancement of the practical application of sustainability in change initiatives to decouple social and environmental degradation from economic prosperity.

Their professional accreditations, PSM3™ assessments, training and three time award winning project delivery method PRiSM™ are offered in more than 145 countries around the world through accredited training partners and Universities. To learn more about GPM® visit

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